The appointment of a junior officer of the rank of Karnataka Municipal Administrative Service (KMAS) as the Commissioner of Mysore City Corporation (MCC), the second largest civic body in the State, has invited strong criticism from a section of citizens including former Mayor Purushotham.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, Purushotham said that the Karnataka government has downgraded the post of MCC Commissioner thereby drowngrading the Mysore city itself to the level of a municipality, by appointing P.G. Ramesh, a KMAS officer to the civic body in place of Dr. M.R. Ravi (KAS), who has since been transferred pre-maturely to Shimoga.

Stating that earlier IAS officers were appointed to the MCC Commissioner’s post, Purushotham regretted that since late 1990s, the post was downgraded to KAS and now to KMAS.

The ex-Mayor further said that this is the first time a junior officer is heading the civic body and blamed the State Government for neglecting the cultural capital by posting an official who doesn’t have the experience of handling big urban bodies. “Mysore has a population of 11 lakh and needs special attention by the government. Instead it has posted an official who has handled urban areas which have less than 5 lakh population.”

Purushotham said that District in-charge Minister S.A. Ramdas should have retained Dr. M.R. Ravi, a Mysorean too, who was acquainted with the Municipal administration after eight months as its Commissioner. But, now we have an official who will have to acquaint himself with city’s development projects and needs. This apart, he said what is worrying is that there will not be an elected body to monitor the administration as the tenure of the present body ends on Feb. 17.

KAS officers of Zonal Offices to work under KMAS officer

Meanwhile, sources told Star of Mysore that with the posting of a junior officer to head the MCC may crop-up a new problem. It is said, three of the nine Zonal Assistant Commissioners (ACs) serving in MCC are KAS officers, who will now have to serve under a KMAS officer as their Commissioner.

Governor rejects Municipalities Bill

Bangalore: In a major embarassment to the Government, Governor H.R. Bhardwaj has declined to give his consent to the Karnataka Municipalities and certain other laws (Amendments) Bill 2013 which had been passed on Tuesday by both the Houses of the Legislature.

It is reported that the Bill sought to curtail the powers of SEC to take independent decisions in fixing dates for elections to ULBs.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore