Mission accomplished… these are the right words to laud the work carried out by the City Police who have successfully accomplished their mission in creating awareness among the public about the need to use helmets. If not awareness then at least the fear of fines has been instilled. And now, helmet usage has increased from 10% to 75% in the main thoroughfares of the city. The cause for this effect is the persistent implementation of the law by Commissioner of Police Dr. M.A. Saleem.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Dr. Saleem said that when he took over as Commissioner, only 10-13% of two-wheelers were using helmets. And now after the drive, around 75% of people are using helmets. He also mentioned that the drive would continue for some more time till they reach the target of 85-90%.

In the first week of the drive, the Police booked 12,037 cases and collected Rs. 12, 03,700 as fine. Now, after a month, the city Police have booked 37,072 cases and have collected a whopping Rs. 37,07,200 as fine as on Aug. 19, 2013.

After the launch of this drive, the public have been wearing helmets while riding and are rarely seen without helmets. The Police, to achieve the target of 85%, are now combing even residential areas for helmetless riders.

Police have also warned that the DL of motorists who ride without wearing helmets will be seized on being caught for the third time for the same offence.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore