With the deadline nearing for changing of TV signals to digital format, the cable operators in Mysore are yet to install Set Top Boxes at many houses in various residential areas.

It may be mentioned, the Government of India has set March 31 as deadline to change the transmission signals but the cable operators are yet complete the installation.

Meanwhile, there is also confusion over the rates of Set Top Boxes. Though it is said that the cable operators cannot charge more than Rs. 1,200 for the Set Top Boxes, a few residents said that the cable operators were charging them Rs. 1,500 and in some cases, it was Rs. 1,700.

Mysore City has around 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh Cable TV subscribers and not even 20 percent of the subscribers have been provided with the Set Top Box.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, Mysore City Cable Operators Association President Parthasarathy said that the Government had not fixed the rate for Set Top Box and added that the cable operators in Mysore were providing the same as per the rates fixed in Bangalore.

When asked about extra money being charged by some service providers, Parthasarathy said that the cable operators can only charge maximum up to Rs. 1,300 and they cannot charge more than the fixed amount. But the people working under them charge Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 extra as service charges.

Currently, there are 3 brands of Set Top Boxes available in the market, namely Motorola, Humax and Cisco. The service providers in Mysore, namely, UMN, Hathway and Amogh have the responsibility of solving the confusion related to the rates.

Parthasarthy also said that he had approached the High Court seeking for a stay of digitalisation of Cable TV connection citing that they wouldn’t be able to cover more than 2.5 lakh customers within the set deadline of March 31.

“We have approached the High Court seeking a stay for 2 years to install the Set Top Boxes. The Court is expected to announce its verdict shortly”, he added.

The subscribers will continue to pay the monthly rental as per the old rates after installing the Set Top Boxes. The old rates will be continued only for a couple of months. Later, they will be charged as per the package they choose.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore