Mysore, May 22 (KK&SH)- Is the house on fire ? Has murder or burglary taken place ? Is anyone facing death after a mishap ? Is there a communal flare-up ? Is someone helpless being gravely ill ? Is there an assault ? Then Dial 100.

Call the telephone number 100. You will get help at lightning speed. This is another people-friendly facility from the Police Department. The Police personnel will respond to calls faster than Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service. That is 'Emergency Police Service.'

Police Control Room (PCR) on wheels will make its impact in Mysore for the first time, similar to the facility in Delhi. This kind of emergency service is routinely available in many global metros.

The 'Call 100' service being introduced in Mysore for the first time in the State is expected to respond to calls and reach the target area in five minutes. The Dial 100 Mobile Unit is also expected to brief the senior officer about the situation in 15 minutes. The PCR on Wheels will respond faster than all other emergency services.

The Dial 100 service PCR will be 16 vehicles strong and will include 14 Tavera and two Bolero vehicles. They would be parked in pre-determined zones and they will be provided with the specific area map. The movement of vehicles in the fleet will be monitored by PCR. Message will be flashed to the vehicles as soon as a complaint is received. The vehicles will then instantly reach the spot.


Information about the exact location of the PCR vehicles will be available at the Control Room through Global Position System (GPS). The vehicles can be sent without delay to the spot with the help of GPS, Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal explained.

Each vehicle will be manned by a team of five including a Sub-Inspector, an Assistant Sub-Inspector and a Head Constable. The members of the team will be on their toes, simi-lar to athletes taking off in a 100 m running race, the Police Commissioner added, highlighting the specialty of the new service.

The PCR vehicles are equipped with a stretcher, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, drinking water and other facilities similar to those in an ambulance. Body bags to carry dead bodies will also be kept in each vehicle, which can be described as a multi-utility vehicle.


The Police personnel deployed in the new service will be trained in various emergency procedures including cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by St. John. Ambulance Brigade. Training will also be given in emergency treatment of cases of heart attacks, Sunil Agarwal disclosed.

The other components of the Police Department including 'Garuda' Police and local Police personnel are also required to respond and join in the action. The total staff strength of the facility is 180 and will work 24 hours in three 8-hour shifts, he explained.

The Dial 100 emergency service is a pilot project of the Police Department in Mysore and will set the benchmark for similar services in Bangalore, Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad and Gulbarga, DCP Rajendra Prasad disclosed.


The Dial 100 Emergency Police Service will be inaugurated shortly by the Karnataka Home Minister and Director General of Police. Police Surveillance cameras will also be introduced, he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore