A delegation of about 150 Swamijis and Jangamas of various Mutts in Mysore and Chamarajanagar districts left city at 4.30 am today from JSS Mahavidyapeetha in three Volvo buses to Bangalroe to meet the Chief Minister during the Assembly session and present a memorandum seeking total prohibition of alcohol and narcotics in State.

It may be recalled that the Seers of Mutts had met at a Round Table Conference in city on Jan. 6 and 7, organised by Karnataka Temperance Board at Rajendra Kalamandira, where deliberations were made to make the society free from alcohol and narcotics.

District In-charge Minister S.A. Ramdas too had announced at the meeting that total prohibition on the lines of Gujarat would be launched in the State during the Budget session.

The delegation of Swamijis was led by Sri Srikanta Swamiji of Virakta Mutt and Sri Siddalinga Swamiji of Vatal Mutt.

Sri Srikanta Swamiji told SOM that the delegation would urge the Govt. to enforce total prohibition of alcohol and narcotics in the State.

Sri Siddalinga Swamiji added that the plight of Beda Jangamas was pitiable and sought SC/ST tag for them. He also demanded a good place to establish the District Swamijis’ Sangha office. Sri Immadi Shivabasava Swamiji of Kundur Mutt, Sri Siddamalla Swamiji of Neelakantaswamy Mutt, Sri Gurubasavalinga Swamiji of Palace Panchagavi Mutt and others were in the delegation.

Observations of Swamijis

During every election, the number of alcoholics go up by 8.3 % as indicated by the District Minister. Liquor should not be offered to voters who too should not vote for such politicians who bait through liquor.

Alcohol and narcotics are responsibile for all crimes and an awareness on their ban is as essential as a divine job in society.

Planners, bureaucrats and politicians claim that liquor business brings in a good revenue. On the contrary, NIMHANS says that the loss of human resources was much more.

Like in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Maharasthra the local bodies should be allowed to take decisions regarding opening of liquor shops.