Mysore, Mar. 30 (KCU&RK)- About 80 per cent of the walkie-talkies of City Police are learnt to have gone defunct owing to dead batteries, thanks to poor maintenance. The walkie-talkie being an indispensable instrument for wireless communication, the cops are learnt to have been severely handicapped.

Asst. Sub-Inspectors and above, all are reportedly provided with walkie-talkies in 25 Police Stations. The jeeps of Police Officers and Garuda vehicles too are fitted with walkie-talkies. Though mobile phones are quite popular, the walkie-talkies still rule supreme in the Police Dept. presumably with certain added advantage. It is almost a month since the batteries went dead. No alternative arrangements are made thus delaying commu-nication and hampering speedy work, say sources.

Police Commissioner clarifies

When contacted, City Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal told SOM that a proposal had been placed to procure 450 batteries for the walkie-talkies. "The problem has been encountered for about a month and communication among officers and staff has been affected. Additional DGP, Transport Telecommunication and Modernisation, M.K. Srivatsav, has been requisitioned to treat the matter on top priority and arrange to procure the batteries. He has assured to despatch about 100 batteries within three days followed by the rest."

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore