Mysore, Oct.11 (KK&JP) -The three-day Dasara chess tournament took off with pawns and knights exchanging places at the Examination Valuation hall of Mysore University’s Crawford Hall this morning.

The chess tournament was inaugurated by International Master M.S. Thej Kumar of the Indian Railways. The Dasara Chess tourney saw 300 budding Viswanathan Anands and Konneru Humpys knotting their brows and trying to figure whether the Queen’s Gambit would be better that Nimitiz opening moves.

Speaking to SOM Thej Kumar said he was gratified to learn that chess was added to Dasara sports and hoped that it would be a permanent feature.

Organisers Tara Najundaswamy, Kamalamma and Sri Krishna of the Dasara Sports Chess Sub Committee and J Suresh Assistant Director, Sports, Mysore University were seen trying to control the eager participants and bring some semblance of order.

The chess tourney is in two categories — Over 18 (Boys and girls) and Under 18 (Boys and girls). There are nine rounds that have been scheduled and the finals rounds will be played on Oct 13 and the tournament will conclude with prize distribution.

The prizes range from `10,000, 5000, 2000 and 1000 (1st to third prize followed by consolation).

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore