In view of the byelection to the Legislative Council from the local bodies of Mysore-Chamarajanagar district to be held on Aug. 22, Deputy Commissioner and District Electoral Officer C. Shikha on Tuesday held a meeting of election agents of the candidates contesting in the polls.

Agents K. Lokesh Rao (representing Dharmasena), Nanjundaswamy (U.S. Shekar) and Nagaraj (Ayub Khan) and Election Wing Officers attended the meeting. The Deputy Commissiobner briefed the agents on the election process:

Time table: The election will be held on Aug. 22 from 8 am to 4 pm. Counting will commence at 8 am on Aug. 26 in Mysore.

Polling booths: Totally 368 polling booths have been established, 243 in Mysore district and 125 in Chamarajanagar district.

Electorate: The electorate strength is 7,010 comprising 4,047 men and 2,963 women covering members of rural and urban local bodies, members of Parliament and Legislators. An identifying officer will be posted at each polling booth to identify the voters.

Voting mode: Preferential votes should be given to each candidate as 1, 2, 3 or I, II, III on the ballot paper using a violet sketch pen. No indelible ink mark will be applied on the fore finger of the voters.

Voting slip: It should be printed on a plain white paper containing serial number, voter’s name, polling booth name, date and time of polling. No mention will be made of the party and its candidate’s names.

Disabled voters: Illiterate, disabled and very weak voters can take an attendant along to cast the vote after obtaining permission from the District Electoral Officer 3 days prior to the date of polling.

The counting of votes will be held at JSS College on Ooty Road with 14 counting tables, each with a supervisor and an Assistant. The candidates can depute an agent during counting at each table. Mobile phones are banned at the counting centre.

The candidates’ agents were provided information on invalid votes and a model ballot paper was shown on the screen.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore