Mysore, May 13 (DM)- Although the City's Rangayana has provided several platforms to showcase their talent, there was no such platform in the city for the amateur theatrists to exhibit their talent. Not losing hope, the determined amateur theatrists have now found success in having their own mini theatre, after 25 years of relentless struggle.

Though the theatrists cannot be grouped based on language, religion, caste, region, etc., two formal groups emerged Amateur and Professionals. The Professionals had many institutional platforms and the city's Rangayana was the prominent one amongst them. But the Amateurs got fewer platforms and thus had to seek the Town Hall, Kala-mandira, Mysore University's Humanities Department Auditorium, Maharaja's College Centenary Hall, Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry etc., on rent for staging their plays.

A proposal was sent to the Government in 1985 on building a mini theatre in Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry premises and later on, attempts were made to construct one at Subbaraya-nakere grounds. Nothing turned out to be practical.

But the State Government, as part of its Suvarna Karnataka celebration in 2007, released money for building stage theatres as part of its plans to promote theatre in a bigway, following which theatre lovers of the city filed an application for constructing one such in the city.

Later, a blue print of the project costing Rs. 85 lakh was prepared. This blue print was prepared by Architect Bhushan, who designed Rangayana's Bhoomigeetha theatre. But the Government, not agreeing with the project's estimate, scaled it down to Rs. 30 lakh and finally, the works on the construction of a mini theatre at the portion to the right of Kalamandira has been launched.

The city based Nirmiti Kendra has been entusted with the task of building this mini theatre.

Also, a steering committee headed by DC P. Manivannan has been formed in connection with the project. Theatrists Dr. N. Rathna, Rajashekhar Kadamba, S.R. Ramesh, H.S. Umesh, Amara Kala Sangha's Vasu, Theatre Director Chidambara Rao Jambe, Manjunath Belakere are members of the committee, according to convenor N.S. Gopinath.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore