“Animals in the wild are distributed in such a way that it minimises their competition for food and their survival,” said Dr. Mewa Singh, Scientist and a specialist on primates, during the 11th conservation talk on the topic ‘Distribution and conservation of wild mammals with special reference to Karnataka,’ organised by the Mysore Zoo yesterday.

Dr. Mewa Singh said that there were several ‘eco-tones’ that mark distribution of animals species and explained how four different species of giant squirrels found in Western Ghats have separated and thrived in different environment.

Elaborating further, he said that the Indian Giant Squirrels and Grizzled Giant Squirrels had survived by separating spatially which ensured that both the species which were active during the day, avoid confrontation over food which in turn guaranteed their survival.

Dr. Singh also said that the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) is planning to take up scientific study programmes and breeding of Lion-Tailed Macaques at Hyderabad, Thiruvanthapuram, Vandalur including Mysore as these places were ideal for scientific study and breeding.

He further said that there is a need to take up conservation of wolves whose reproduction rate is low and added that sometime back they had conducted a research identifying their breeding places and steps to be taken to protect them. Mewa Singh said that though deer is the best prey of wolves, they basically live on sheep and travel with the sheep herd as it travels from place to place.

Speaking about Slender Loris, Singh said that these animals are found in high density in Kolar and Tumkur which have been marked for its protection and further added that based on their reports; movement of vehicles during nights has been banned to protect these tiny animals.

Dr. Singh said that controlling the incidents of elephants straying is more difficult in coffee estates than in tea estates and added that conflicts between humans and wild animals was inevitable as humans have encroached forest territories.

Zoo Authority of Karnataka Member-Secretary R.S. Suresh, Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi and others were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore