Mysore, July 9 (KK&KMC)- Yet another scandal has surfaced in Mysore University — a College Principal leaking question papers to students.

Though the scandal pertaining to question paper leaks is ever-prevalent, it was believed to be the doing of some middlemen, never suspecting the teaching faculty, let alone the Principal of a college.

It has been alleged that the question papers of Social Sciences (Rural India) sixth semester, final BA, bearing code No. 10698, was leaked to the students by Dr. G.M. Susheela, Principal of Krishnaraja Sagar Government First Grade College, coming under Mysore University.

The exam that was scheduled to take place on July 5 was deferred to July 24, in view of the Bharat Bandh.

It is learnt that the bundle of question papers was opened by the Principal herself.

A report pertaining to the question paper leak was submitted after an investigation was conducted by University Registrar (Evaluation) B. Ramu and team.

The exam was initially slated for June 21. However, owing to the South Graduates Constituency Council polls, it was postponed to July 5. It was again postponed to July 24.

As per the investigations, it is suspected that the question paper bundle might have been opened on July 4 since it was in the custody of the Principal.

Meanwhile, the Registrar had issued a press statement on July 3, announcing the exam's postponement.

On examining the question paper bundle at the Registrar's Office, it was opened in presence of two witnesses, whose signatures were attested. But the Principal G.M. Susheela had not attested her signature.

Ramu says that when he sought an explanation from Dr. Susheela, she is said to have replied that it was due to oversight and not intentional.

As per the University's norms, the question papers must be kept safely in a Police Station or government treasury, and not under the custody of the college staff.

However, in this case, the bundle was in the shelf of the Principal Dr. Susheela, as reported during the investigation.

It is not that the Principal is not aware of the University's rules and regulations. She is a Syndicate member, a member of the University's Exam Malpractices Prevention Committee and also Marklists Scandal Investigation Committee.

Exams on July 24

The 6th semester Social Sciences (Rural India) exam will be held on July 24 itself, clarified Registrar B. Ramu and urged the students not to get confused.

Black mark

Vice-Chancellor Prof. V.G. Talwar said that the incident has tarnished the University's image. "I have directed the Registrar to probe the case and ascertain if it was a deliberate malpractice or caused due to oversight. A criminal case will booked against those found guilty," he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore