About 35 dogs owned by pet lovers of city got registered through microchipping at a programme organised by Mysore Kennel Club (MKC) on behalf of Kennel Club of India at Government Veterinary Hospital on Dhanvantri Road here today.

If your dog wanders off, microchips can reunite you. Microchipping a dog is a permanent method of identification. A chip about the size of a grain of rice is implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades at the back of your dog’s neck. Each chip has a unique 15 digit number that is detected using a microchip scanner and the details (about your pet and your contact details) are recorded in a central database.

Microchipping can be performed safely and inexpensively by veterinarians, Animal Welfare Organisations and other authorised experts.

Should your dog go missing, the microchip will enable pounds, animal shelters and veterinary hospitals to identify immediately and reunite your dog with you.

Briefing SOM on the process, MKC Director Dr. Jayaram said microchipping helps the owner to locate his/her pet dog anywhere in the world. He said that it was being done for the 3rd time in the city and as of now 400 dogs have microchips implanted in them. He added that Kennel Club of India publishes a booklet on dogs every month.

The breed of dogs which underwent microchipping included German Shepherd, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, Golden Retriever, Mudhol, Rajapalyam and Belgian Shepherd.

Dr. Yathindra & Dr. B.C. Ramakrishna of MKC and others were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore