A team from Cincinnati University comprising 21 students and two professors visited Odanadi, a non-government organisation, at Hootagalli in city on Tuesday.

It may be mentioned, Mysore is a Sister City of Cincinnati — a global business centre in the US — allowing economical and cultural exchange between the tourist hub and the business powerhouse.

A symposium was held with the students during their visit to Odanadi where discussions were held about human trafficking, the helpless and the financially poor and about ways and means to empower them.

Hema Bedi, Founder-Director of ‘Sthree,’ a national-level organisation, speaking on the occasion, said that her organisation had been mobilising resources for the education of students of various Universities and also working towards the empowerment of women and children at the global level.

She opined that the Odanadi, which is rendering humanitarian service since the past several years, is not only an ideal subject of study for the students of international economics but also for the development of professional skills.

Cincinnati University’s Professor Dr. Ratee Apana, addressing the students, expressed happiness over the discussions being held about human trafficking at the international-level and said that everyone must understand and be aware of the social level.

The students from Cincinnati obtained practical experience about the works undertaken by Odanadi to prevent human trafficking, atrocities against women, etc., on Tuesday and Wednesday. Odanadi convenors Stanly and Parashu, speaking on the occasion, said that the objective of Odanadi was to create global sensitivity and compassion, with emphasis on enhancing human relations and reaching out to the downtrodden and oppressed.

Cincinnati University Professor Dr. Rajan Kamath was present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore