A cab-driver was robbed of his car at knife-point by two miscreants in city last night.

The cab-driver Anwar Sharief, 62, who had been driving a taxi for the past 40 years, is the unfortunate victim. He is the son of Subhan Sharief, a resident of Mahammed Sait Block in Lashkar Mohalla.

Along with the car, Anwar also lost its original documents which were left in the car.

According to the Police, Anwar was waiting for customers near the Sub-Urban Bus Stand last evening, just like many other taxi-drivers usually do. At around 9.30 pm, two strangers approached him and requested for a drop to Hunsur. Initially, Anwar refused as it is a long way from Mysore to Hunsur and also it was already too late.

But the individuals pleaded with Anwar and told him that they had to urgently reach Hunsur as a close relative had died. The duo, aged around 24 and 28 years, also said that three more persons will board the taxi in Bogadi from where they can proceed towards Hunsur. A sympathetic Anwar agreed.

Anwar, who had parked his car at his brother’s house near St. Philomena’s Church, told the two customers that since they were in a hurry they can go triple-riding on his bike to the car from where they can head towards Bogadi.

After boarding the car, all three headed towards Bogadi.As they reached Bogadi 2nd Stage, one of the passengers is said to have held a knife to Anwar’s throat and ordered him to stop the car. They then allegedly pushed Anwar out of the car and drove away.

Anwar said that though he stood on the roadside and requested several vehicles passing by for a lift, none stopped except a gobi-manchurian seller who was returning home in his modified vehicle.

He then went to Saraswathipuram Police Station and lodged a complaint with Inspector N.S. Chandrashekhar who immediately alerted the Police Control Room and sent messages over the wireless to all the check posts. The car is yet to be traced.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore