Mysore, Sept. 24 (JP)-In an effort to make its customer services more efficient and competitive, BSNL is introducing a new system where payment made by the customer will be offset against the customer’s billing account.

The billing will be based on rating individual call detail records instead of Opening Meter Reading (OMR) and Closing Meter Reading (CMR). This means the OMR and CMR will no longer be printed on the bill.

According to a customer advisory note from B.S. Ravi Shankar, Accounts Officer (TR-Billing), BSNL, Mysore Telecom District, all the above changes and others are the result of a new software that BSNL has introduced. The software system is called CDR-based customer care and convergent billing system.

Any unpaid dues for a bill will henceforth be shown as Opening Balance in the next bill and will be added in the ‘dues payable.’ The number of free calls will now be offered as equivalent free usage amount in rupee terms. Broadband Plan Changes will now be effective from the date of order instead of the 1st of next month while free usage of Broadband will now be offered as ‘discount’ in terms of rupees.

The Customer Advisory note also states that if the bill is paid through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), then the customer has to inform his bank of the new customer account number that will be allotted through the bill that is issued .

Under the new software, all customer care issues can be resolved by logging on to

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore