With just four days left for the celebration of Bakrid, brisk sale of sheep was witnessed near the Millennium Circle, Meelad Park and other places in the city. Bleating goats and sheep of all breeds from different parts of the country await the buyers.

Shivakumar, a shepherd from Chitradurga, has moved his livestock to the city anticipating good price ahead of Bakrid.

Speaking to SOM, he said that he came to city on Oct. 3 with about 50 sheep transported from Chitradurga hoping to make some extra money ahead of the festival.

He said that Chitradurga sheep are in great demand across the State, especially in Bangalore and added that market economics had taught him to sell his flock during Bakrid season.

Shivanna, a resident or Bannur who has also brought his flock to city, said that Bannur breed always fetches a good sum and the prices have doubled this time.

Known for its special taste owing to its fat content, the sale of Bannur breed sheep is brisk in the region, including Mysore.

Afroz Pasha, who has been in the meat business for over two decades, said that the demand for Bannur sheep has picked up ahead of Bakrid and will sky-rocket during the weekend when buyers from different places would crowd the place to buy sheep.

Apart from livestocks from these places, sheep from Kirgawal and other places too have made their way to the market.

Afsar Pasha, a buyer, said that this year the prices of livestocks have increased to 100%. He further said that last year a pair of sheep which was being sold for a minimum of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 14,000 depending on the breed and weight, is now being sold at a price between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 22,000 a pair.

Bakrid is the festival of sacrifice for Muslim brethren, Id-ul-Zuha (Arabic) and Bakrid in India is celebrated all over the country. It falls on the 10th day of the Muslim month Zul-Hijja. On this day Muslims sacrifice a goat or sheep to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, who willingly agreed to kill his son at the behest of God. But because of his devotion to God, his son was saved and a goat was sacrificed instead.

This festival coincides with the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca. Prayers are offered in the mosques and the sacrificial meat is then distributed after the Id prayers. Special delicacies are prepared and served among family and friends on the occasion.

Giving charity and feeding one poor on this occasion is also part of Muslim tradition.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore