It is said that the presence of mind of a person at the time of emergency tests his mettle and proves to be an inspiration to others. It is more so in the case of a youngster. A classic example of this is a six-year-old who saved his classmate from meeting a watery grave.

Hrudaya Sandesh, a UKG student of Manasarovar Pushkarini Vidyashrama's Udayaditya Shishuloka in Vijayanagar here, is the youngster who rescued his friend Pratyas.

Son of Manjesh & Ramya couple and grandson of MLC Sandesh Nagaraj, Hrudaya Sandesh was playing with his friends after school hours while waiting for the school van to take them home on Wednesday. The ball with which they were playing flew outside the school compound into the huge water tank of the sawmill adjacent to the school, it is learnt.

It is said that the tank was filled upto 7-8 feet of water for curing wood. The three children, who went to pick up the ball, saw that the ball was floating in the water. Pratyas, who stepped onto a log to retrieve the ball, reportedly fell into the water as the log slipped. Hrudaya, who saw this, tried to get some help and when he was unable to find anybody, himself tried to pull up his friend, and succeeded in saving Pratyas.

Teachers and students who came to know about the incident, rushed to the spot and appreciated Hrudaya's timely action.

MLC Sandesh Nagaraj said he was proud to learn the news of his grandson's pre-sence of mind.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore