In a filmy style incident, a well-dressed man, in his 40s, posing as the Chief Manager of United Commercial Bank on Devaraj Urs road, yesterday cheated a prestigious jeweller in the heart of the city of a 25 gram gold chain worth about Rs. 86,000.

It is reported that the imposter walked into the jewellery shop, introduced himself as the Chief Manager of UCO Bank and even presented a visiting card and told the jeweller that he wanted to purchase some jewels for a marriage at his home.

The unsuspecting jeweller offered a chair and asked the imposter to select the required jewellery. After spending about half an hour, the imposter selected a 25 gram chain and asked the jeweller to prepare the bill.

On being presented with a bill for Rs. 86,000, the person in question reportedly reached out to his pocket and claimed “Oh, I have not brought cash, please send the chain with your assistant to the bank, I will take the chain from him after making payment.”

As the male attendant at the shop was absent, the jeweller sent two of his women assistants with the self-styled bank manager, asking them to hand over the chain after collecting money from the person at the bank.

Later, the imposter took the two women to the Devaraj Urs road branch of UCO Bank on the first floor of the building, offered seats to them and asked them to wait there. After making the two women sit on the sofa, the imposter reportedly went inside the bank and met some officials in the bank.

The imposter, who began his conversation on his cell phone, slowly moved towards the two women and asked them to give the box containing the chain saying that he will give cash immediately and slowly got out of the bank with the jewel box and vanished.

The two women who waited in vain got suspicious and enquired with the bank staff who instructed them to launch a search for the imposter which went in vain.

Visiting card: It was later learnt that the imposter had visited the bank earlier saying that he was interested in investing some money in the bank to which the Chief Manager of the Bank reportedly gave the imposter his visiting card for contact. It is now learnt that the imposter had presented the same yellow visiting card to the jeweller while introducing himself.

Interestingly, the development in technology does not seem to deter miscreants from adopting new techniques to steal the yellow metal.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore