Mysore, July 11 (SH)- Residents of Mysore have been experiencing unscheduled load-shedding for the past few days for extended hours throughout the day.

They are expressing their anger against the Chamundeshwari Electric Supply Company (CESC) for being forced to carry on without power during the time when it is most needed, both in the city and surroundings.

Supply of electricity is being stopped during unforeseeable hours, without any limit to the number of power cuts in a day. CESC is silent about this by not having issued any notice to the public through the press.

Even the engineers posted at various sub-divisions are not available when attempts are made to contact them, public have complained.

Earlier, power was being cut for an hour, twice a day, alternating the timings in different localities. But for the past three days, the city has been denied power for up to eight hours a day.

"Any of the officials of CESC, when contacted, just declare their innocence about the disorderly situation," some citizens complain to the SOM. Any engineer of the company, when asked about the time that the power supply may be restored, just dodges the question. SOM office is flooded with telephone calls from the public seeking to know whom to contact in CESC about power supply.

Even in CESC circles it is heard that there should be no difficulties in supplying power regularly in view of satisfactory monsoon this season but they are also admitting to the inadequate availability of power for supply.

The share of thermal power being more in the production of power in the State, power supply will be disrupted if the production units face any problem, sources in CESC have said. Snags have been experienced in Raichur and Bellary thermal power plants and repair of the units and restoration of normal production are underway, it is learnt. As the replacement of parts of the plant have to be procured from outside, even the CESC officials are not hopeful of early completion of the repair works. In that backdrop, Karnataka is heading for dark days for some more days and weeks ahead.

It is also being heard that the problems have been created by functionaries of CESC as they are incapable of managing whatever power is available.

The Government has been making statements in the legislature, declaring that more power would be generated in the State in the coming years. However, it is not paying attention to solve the current power problem. Nobody has any clue about when the solution will be found to overcome the difficulties in production and supply of power to the consumers.

Power cuts unavoidable: CESC Chief Engineer

Mysore, July 11 (SH)- CESC Chief Engineer Shanthi has said that unscheduled power cuts was unavoidable as there was a sudden decline in production of power in various thermal power production plants in the State.

There has been a sharp fall in the amount of power available to CESC. The current pattern of unscheduled power cuts will continue until normalcy is restored in power production. The official has requested the consumers of power to extend co-operation to the company by bearing the hardship due to power disruption.

CESC, with jurisdiction over five districts, was getting 10.6 per cent of power produced by various thermal power plants in the State, including those at Raichur and Bellary. But, as a result of sudden decline in power production, the amount of electricity available to CESC also has come down considerably.

Currenty, only 300 MW of power was being supplied to the company and the same was being distributed to various regions.

In Mysore, power cut duration is for six to seven hours at present; it may rise to nine hours with immediate effect.

She expressed her helplessness in the matter of unscheduled power cuts for extended periods saying that except from Sharavathi, Kaiga and Varahi as well as some private sources, the company was not getting power from other sources.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore