Mysore, Jul 18 : Mysore Palace, one of the most popular destinations in the country along with the Taj Mahal in Agra, is going green in phases as the authorities have taken up a mega project to harvest rainwater on its premises.

The world famous Mysore Palace, also considered as a must see place for the both domestic and foreign tourists and nearly three million tourists visiting the palace, require constant supply of water towards the upkeep of lawns, toilets and for other things apart from drinking. This becomes a major worrying factor to the palace board during summer.

Hence, it was mooted to augment the capacity of the existing rainwater harvesting system by going in for a new project which is nearing completion.

Deputy Director of the Palace Board P Awaradhi told UNI today that the board had taken a few progressive decisions one of which was to harness natural and renewable sources and minimise dependence on non-renewable sources of energy be it power or water.

With the growing popularity of the Mysore Palace and efforts to double the inflow of tourists to nearly 50 lakh by 2020, the board anticipated greater pressure on civic amenities for tourists and perceived the need to augment its water requirements by tapping rainwater.