Marking World Environment Day, the century-old Mysore City Zoo is all set to become self-sufficient in greens and fruits to be fed to the animals housed there by growing them sufficiently in its premises itself.

At the first instance, bamboo being grown near the enclosures would be fed to the Asian and African elephants housed there. Bamboo seeds were procured from Waynad in Kerala and sown in the Zoo premises. About 29 varieties of bamboo are being grown in the Zoo which would be increased now.

Hitherto, greens used to be procured from Bandipur and Nagarahole to feed the elephants which would now be replaced by bamboo, according to Zoo Executive Director Dr. B.P. Ravi.

Zoo Horticulture Officer Pramod Kumar said that bamboo grows fast and should be cut often to hasten its growth and it is a good food for elephants.

Ravi, speaking to SOM, said that it was proposed to grow Burma bamboo around Karanji lake which already has about 600 varieties of bamboo.

He added that along with bamboo, jackfruit, mango, sapota and other fruit trees would also be grown in the Zoo premises which can be fed to the herbivores animals and birds and in short, the Zoo is set to become self-sufficient in food for herbivores housed there.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore