It was joy on the faces of the visitors at the Mysore Zoo today on the occasion of World Tiger Day as they got the first glimpse of the four cubs born to Manya, the white tigress. The two male and two female cubs were seen playing around in the Day Kraal in the presence of their mother.

Many visitors captured the joyful moments of the cubs in their cameras. The Zoo authorities had requested the public to maintain calm as it was for the first time that the cubs were allowed for public viewing, they being just 57 days old.

The Day Kraal where the tiger cubs have been kept along with their mother Manya, was inaugurated by Rahul and Shwetha, tourists from Vizag, by cutting the tape. This apart, the Zoo authorities were also seen spreading the message of Tiger Conservation through NCC volunteers who had visited the Zoo. The visitors were being briefed about the need to conserve tigers in the country as their numbers had reduced over the past few decades.

Currently, there are around 1,400 tigers in the country out of which 290 are present in Karnataka. With Manya the white tigress is born and brought up in the Zoo, the cubs’ father Brahma was captured from Brahmagiri forest reserve in Kodagu district on March 18, 2008. Hence the Zoo authorities are elated that the cubs born to different strains of genes will get the wild genes.

At present the Zoo is home to 16 tigers out of which eight are adults and eight are cubs.

According to B.P. Ravi, Executive Director, Mysore Zoo, the tigers have been bred three times with the intention to introduce wild genes in to Zoo stock. He also added that now that the zoo has tigers having wild genes, it would help in the animal exchange programme in the future.

Karnataka Zoo Authority Member Secretary and Additional Principal Conservator of Forests R.S. Suresh was present.

Manya and Brahma mated for the first time during 2011 and three normal coloured cubs were born on 16/5/2011. However, the lone female cub out of the three got severely injured because of a bite by mother while lifting it and died as the treatment did not yield any result. The other two male cubs named as Rama and Lakshmana survived. Both developed hind limb weakness and were successfully treated. They are two-years-old now.

Now, for the second time, Manya has delivered four cubs (two female and two male) on June 6, 2013 after mating with Brahma. The male cubs weighed 4.460 kg and 4 kg respectively and the female cubs weighed 4.600 kg and 4.060 kg respectively at the time of their birth.

Anu litters 4 cubs

Tigress Anusuya (Anu) was rescued at the age of 2-3 months from Bababundangiri hills, Muthodi Range, now part of buffer area of Bhadra Tiger Reserve from the DCF, Chikmagalur division. Anu is now 4.11 years old. According to the zoo officials, since she is from wild origin, the zoo management decided to pair her with Brahma, who also is from the wild and Anu delivered four cubs on July 7, 2013. “Since, it was her first litter, Anu did not know how to clean the cubs from placental debris and blood. She had licked two cubs vigorously and bitten near umbilical region, resulting in their death the same night” said Ravi and added that Anu had been taking care of the remaining two cubs very well.

“As per our zoo records, this is the first successful pairing of wild tigers who have given birth to cubs with strains of wild genes. The Zoo now houses pure wild cubs of different landscapes. They are too young to be released for public view,” said Ravi.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore