The two PILs submitted in the High Court alleging that Mysore University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. K.S. Rangappa had favoured his son R. Shobith to get admitted to M.Sc. course in Yuvaraja’s College have been rejected by the court, according to Prof. Rangappa.

This reaction comes in response to the statement made during a press conference yesterday by Karnataka State Backward Classes Awareness Forum President K.S. Shivaram that he will file a writ petition questioning the decision of University of Mysore’s Syndicate to shut a case against Prof. Rangappa.

Prof. Rangappa told SOM this morning that the statement was baseless and born out of frustration since the two PILs were rejected by the court, resulting in the University’s Syndicate closing the case.

Prof. Rangappa pointed out that the Yuvaraja’s College management is an autonomous body and it cannot be influenced to distort or ease their rules and regulation to suit any individual.

During the Syndicate meeting held on April 25, it was decided that there was no document to prove that Shobith had obtained the degree fraudulently or got admission by producing a false caste certificate. Therefore, the case does not fall under Section 70 of Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000, which states that a degree obtained through fraudulent means can be withdrawn by the Syndicate.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore