Even as summer is coming to an end, the water level at the KRS has dipped so low that the authorities had to resort to drawing water from the ‘dead storage.’

But even here they ran into difficulties because of the hard ground and a massive stone that came in the way while they were desilting the dead storage area from where they were planning to dig a canal to pump the water to the Hongalli pumping station. From here the filtered water is pumped to the city’s V.V Mohalla Water Storage tank.

The sources at KRS said that the officials who had taken up the works to clear the rocks and mud near the 50 ft Draft Gate (Dead Storage) located at the Northern part of KRS dam are now facing a problem with a huge rock hampering the works. As a result the works have been stopped mid-way.

Though the small rocks and mud were cleared using an excavator, the officials now face the hurdle of this huge rock which has caused hindrance to carry forward the works. The option of blasting the rock using dynamite was ruled out as the vibrations caused by the blasts would damage the dam.

If the rocks and mud were cleared easily, it would have been easier to pump water from KRS to Hongalli Pumping Station and supply water to Mysore City. An official, on condition of anonymity, said that they were unable to get the desired quantity of water because of the problem which has emerged.

While the officials are hoping to get some water by clearing the rock and mud at the North Gate in KRS, some of the experts have termed the operation as a wasteful exercise. Instead, the experts have urged the officials to take up desilting works at the KRS backwaters to get more water to Mysore and also it would provide sufficient silt to be used as manure by farmers.

They said, desilting works were carried out in KRS a few years ago and farmers of surrounding areas had brought their tractors, bullock carts and lorries to carry the silt which they used in their agricultural lands. Experts said that if desilting is done this way, both the citizens of Mysore City and farmers would be benefited.

The water level in KRS has reduced to 63.74 ft. while last year it was 83.38 ft at the same time. The officials should take up desilting works considering all the above facts, said the experts.

Siddharamaiah, who took oath as the Chief Minister yesterday, represents this region and is well aware about the drinking water problems faced by Mysoreans.

People of Mysore have requested Chief Minister Siddharamaiah to consider the sug- gestions given by the experts and take up the desilting works at the KRS backwaters to solve the problem since the onset of monsoon is still two months away.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore