Mysore, July 9 (SH&ML)- The public have complained that thousands of people of the city have been put to hardship due to the delay in completing the work on the Railway bridge on KRS Road here.

Residents of the Medical College Hostel, staff of LIC office and occupants of official quarters in the vicinity of the bridge are particularly facing difficulty due to the delay, they have complained.

People living in 10 official quarters for medical personnel, 30 quarters for nurses and families of 'D' Group employees are affected by the delay in completion of the work on the bridge, apart from hundreds of students of the nearby Ideal Jawa Rotary High School. The stretch of the KRS Road from Dasappa Circle upto Akashvani has been closed for many months and vehicular traffic banned.

Though road has been cleared near VVWW office for the use of hostel students and residents of official quarters, the public are finding it difficult to use the road during nights due to piled up construction materials such as steel, sand and stones.

Hence, the residents of the area have requested the authorities for quick completion of the works relating to the road as well as the rail bridge by putting pressure on the contractors and restore traffic on the stretch as soon as possible.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore