The school autos and taxis, which transport students everyday, are being subjected to undue restrictions by the Police by way of introducing separate colour for autos and uniform for drivers, apart from obtaining a permission letter from the respective school HMs, which has proved costly for the auto and taxi drivers/owners, said MLA Tanveer Sait.

In a press release addressed to the City Police Commissioner, the MLA opined that while prestigious schools send their own vehicles to pick-up and drop students, it is the middle class students who suffer due to above restrictions which are difficult for the drivers to follow.

Though the Police Department has withdrawn the rules in Bangalore following protest by the auto drivers and owners, the Mysore cops have not proceeded to withdraw the same, Tanveer Sait said adding that such rules are not included in the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act. If there is a need for such a rule, a meeting of representatives of auto and taxi owners/drivers may be called and a decision taken, he opined. Hence, Tanveer Sait has asked the Police Commissioner to withdraw the rules and permit the autos to transport students as before.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore