Mysore, Apr. 28 (SH&MTY)- Work on widening the stretch of KRS Road from Dasappa Circle (near Railway Station) to Akashvani Circle as well as the Railway Underbridge on Mysore-Nanjangud rail track was launched yesterday. In order to facilitate both the works, traffic remains closed until the work is completed and also 12 trees on the stretch were removed.

The Department of Railways has begun the work of widening the underbridge to facilitate speedier rail traffic on Mysore-Chamarajanagar route. Concurrently, the level of the road between the bridge and Vani Vilas Water Works gate will be lowered by one metre, it is learnt. The stretch will also be widened by one metre on either side, for which the Forest Department is learnt to have accorded permission to remove 40 trees.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, ACF Gopinath said that the Railway Department has requested for permission to remove the trees for taking up the works on widening the Railway bridge as well as the stretch of the KRS Road on its either side.

In response, the Forest Department has accorded permission to remove the 40 trees, including four Rain trees in the vicinity of CFTRI Main Gate, Gopinath disclosed.

Out of the trees included in the project, four have already been purchased by private parties, Gopinath disclosed, adding that removal of trees on roadsides near underbidge was necessary for the stability of the bridge while heavy vehicles pass over it.

Traffic diverted

In view of these works, the following alternative routes for traffic movement have been denoted by the City Police:

Vehicles plying on KRS Road from east to west will have to ply via Dasappa Circle-Metropole Circle-Hunsur Road and turn right to Valmiki Road and reach KRS Road.

Vehicles plying on the KRS Road from west to east will have to turn left near Akashavani Circle and pass through Yadavagiri Railway underbridge, reach Bamboo Bazar and New Sayyaji Rao Road.

Medical students stage stir demanding alternate route

Mysore, Apr. 28 (SH&Mallesh)- Medical students staged a stir yesterday near the Railway underbridge demanding alternate arrangements for moving from their hostel to the college as closure of the road stretch on either side of the bridge had caused inconvenience to them as well as public including 30 families of nursing sisters, 30 families of D-Group employees and others living in the region.

Traffic has been closed on the stretch of KRS Road from Dasappa Circle upto Ta.Ra.Su Circle (Akashvani Circle) for taking up the work on widening the road as well as the railway bridge since yesterday. The closure of the road has caused hardship to the medical students residing in the nearby hostel and others, the students complained to DCP Rajendra Prasad, who met them at the spot. They demanded clearance of the road or alternate arrangements for their movement. Responding to their demand, Rajendra Prasad assured them that alternate arrangements through Yadavagiri would be made for their movement, following which the protesting students withdrew their stir.

Medical Students Hostel Warden Dr. C. Rajan and hundreds of medical students took part in the stir.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore