In an effort to solve the water crisis being faced by Mysore, 2 TMC water from Hemavathi river has been released to River Cauvery said CADA sources.

The water released from Hemavathi River will take at least 4 to 5 days to reach KRS dam. CADA is not sure regarding the amount of water reaching KRS as the farmers will be utilising the water released for agriculture purposes, said the officials.

But, MCC Commissioner P.G. Ramesh said that the drinking water supply in Mysore has been brought to normalcy with the scientific supply of available water to various localities.

The water level has been maintained to supply water to the emergency pumps at Hongalli Pumping Station. This apart, around 18 aqueducts at Devaraja Canal have been closed by the MCC officials with the help of Police Department to provide water to Mysore City.

The required quantity of water will be drawn from Devaraya Canal to supply 46 MLD water from Belagola Pump House. Water to Mysore City is being supplied through SLR in Vijayanagar and Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW).

Ramesh added that the repair works of 24 borewells which have not been yielding water have been cleansed and 14 pipes have been installed. This apart, the flushing/redrilling works on other 80 borewells has also been taken.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, MCC Superintending Engineer S. Krishna said that water to various localities in City is being supplied through 25 tankers along with the additional 10 tankers.

Krishna also mentioned that he had inspected the Bedaragodu centre at Kabini.

“We have been receiving 25 MLD water at the station which is being supplied from Ward 11 to 18, Wards 1 and 2, some parts of wards 21, 22 and 23”, he said and added that these areas had no problem with respect to supply of drinking water.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore