Mysore, Apr. 4 (SH)- "A section of the visual media is airing programmes that are depicting superstitutions nowadays out of competition with each other, resulting in a threat to rational thinking," opined Dr. H.R. Swamy, Principal, Govt. Junior College, Balenahalli and member, Executive Committee, State Council for Science and Technology.

He was speaking during the function held in the University Evening College to dispel superstitions and miracles performed by some persons claiming to be godmen.

"The weakness of people to get their attention diverted early and the ability to charm others are the assets of people who practice miracles," he said.

Making a lamp burn using water as fuel, burning of camphor on the tongue, creating water in an empty cup, and many other miracles were demonstrated exposing the tricks played on gullible audiences by some persons.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. N. Kalegowda suggested all educational institutions should conduct such programmes to create awareness about blind beliefs and miracles. Prof. G.V. Gurumurthy, Principal, presided. Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi welcomed.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore