Mysore, July 30 (JP)- 'Urban Burrow,' an installation art exhibition by seven students from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), began this morning at City Bus Stand Subway.

The theme, 'Urban Burrow' is symbolic of the subway appearing as a part of the city's inner habitation. The installation is deceptively simple, corrugated box-es stacked up to form urban vertical tenements. But there is a deeper meaning for it is a reflection of the city's growing urbanism.

The exhibition is being curated by N. Punith, a senior student who is into graphic design and installation. Speaking to SOM, Punith said, "We cannot have a formal inauguration for an exhibition of this kind. When we have completed the installation work, we expect people passing through the subway to find that their normal routine of walking through the subway is now disturbed by these boxes. Why are they there? What do they mean? … these are some of the questions we hope they will ask."

But for the curious there is more. On either side, on the walls of the subway are small paintings framed and fixed to the walls. As the viewer walks down from the entrance, he will see D.S. Ambika's Indian ink and acrylic paintings. K. Shinith has displayed abstracts done with acrylic on OHP sheets. Punith has a still-life and a waste paper painting. Agasthya seems to have taken a cue from Andy Warwhol and you have Michael Jackson and George W. Bush montage apart from a dog looking at a bicycle series. Santosh on the other hand has favoured oil pastels and colour pencils in his series while M. Prajnya has favoured the lowly cricket with a sketch of the insect along with an anatomical dissection.

While many commuters simply walked by, some students were seen stopping and looking at the paintings. "What is this? I do not understand" was one of the comments overheard.

Speaking to SOM, Punith, Shinith and Vinay said that they were grateful to KSRTC for its encouragement and hoped that more such encouragement would be forthcoming. "It would be nice if the government institutions came forward to encourage art students the way KSRTC has done," they said.

The exhibition will conclude tomorrow.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore