Mysore, Feb. 23 (RK&DM)- The production activities in about 22,000 industrial units across the district, including the city, has almost stopped on account of frequent unscheduled power cuts in the past few months.

The industrialists and entrepreneurs are now in a helpless situation, unable to run their industries on account of power cuts nor close them down forever. The power cuts also have an adverse impact on the functioning of machineries and equipments, which has only added to their woes.

The problem of power supply has compounded with the summer months almost at the doorstep and the government's failure to purchase power at a higher cost, after declaring that shortage of power supply is mainly due to technical snags in power production units.

The industries of the district (including small, medium and large scale), already hard-hit by global economic recession, are now further pushed to the corner by frequent power cuts.

The entrepreneurs, who have invested huge sums of money on industries, are now finding it difficult even to remit the interest on loans taken by them. Besides, about 2.5 lakh workers, who are dependent on these industries for their living, are facing the threat of losing their job.

The government too will suffer loss from power cuts with a fall in income tax and sales tax. Even the ultimate consumers too are hard hit as the manufacturing companies, especially those more dependent on spare parts, record a sharp decline in their production targets. It is but natural that prices of articles will increase whenever there is a shortfall.

Load-shedding, apart from affecting wood, machine tools, automobile, chemical, forging and plastic industries has also affected the IT and BT sectors. Although industries located in Hebbal, Hootagalli, Belagola, Metagalli, Belawadi, Yadavagiri, Bannimantap industrial areas and Mysore Sub-urban, Tandya, Nanjangud industrial areas are open all through the day, it is as good as being closed as the machineries in them have almost stopped working on account unscheduled load shedding.

Repeated pleas to the government by Mysore Industries Association (MIA), Mysore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Nanjangud Industries Association, Plastic Industries Association and others have only fallen on deaf ears, with no solution in sight for the problem in the near future.

The power cuts has also affected the goods transport industry as production in factories has seen a sharp decline.

Thousands of people, who are solely dependent on the transport industry for their survival, are the most affected. The decline in production has hampered export and import trade.

It seems that one of the solutions for resolving this problem is the immediate repair of broken down power production units. The other solution is purchase of power from other sources, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, industrialist Suresh Kumar Jain said that a delegation will be led to Bangalore where the Energy Department Principal Secretary Jairaj will be presented a memorandum urging the government to save the industries by supplying continuous power after purchasing it from elsewhere at even higher rates.

In any case, the industries are already paying Rs. 5.50 per unit of power and the government can supply power without any problem even if purchased at Rs. 4 per unit. The government should make constant efforts to supply continuous power at least 5 days a week, he added.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore