Mysore, Mar. 28 (KK&DM)- Cine actress and former MLC Umashri launched the three-day Bahuroopi National Theatre Festival in Rangayana's Vanaranga by beating the drum even as she wished Rangayana to become a platform for world theatre and the Rangayana artistes to be always on the move.

In her inaugural address, Umashri said that the Rangayana, founded by B.V. Karanth, had great potential. "Rangayana provides the ideal forum and exposure to both amateur and professional theatre artistes and as such, its activities must be further extended," Umashri said and added that Rangayana should be active on all 365 days of the year, becoming a platform for portraying social and cultural issues through creative activities.

Continuing, Umashri said that Rangayana artistes should tour the entire State. "They should always be on the move so as to disprove the notion that the stage is merely a means of livelihood. Theatre activities should not be limited to Mysore, instead Rangayana should extend its range of activities to the rest of the State," she opined.

Senior theatrist H.T. Urs, who was the chief guest on the occasion, observed that an artiste can come up in theatre by learning from others. "An artiste should be a keen observer and at the same time appreciate others' talents. They should be accommodative, without being egoistic, which will be the key to success of an artiste," he explained.

Dadasaheb Phalke awardee V.K. Murthy, who was to inaugurate the festival, could not attend due to his ill health. Kannada and Culture Department Director Manu Baligar too was absent.

Kannada and Culture Department Secretary B.R. Jayaramaraje Urs, delivering the presidential address, said Rangayana was the pride of theatre, which was assiduously built by B.V. Karanth. A Director to Rangayana will be appointed soon, he assured adding that its theatre activities had not stopped in the absence of a Director and all help had been extended to keep the theatre alive. Rangayana has been granted Rs. 2 crore in the budget, which will provide a boost to theatre activities, he added.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore