Mysore, Oct. 18 (Ab&KMC)- The Dasara celebration concluded yesterday on a positive note with the programmes being a success and going on as per schedule, unhindered.

However, as is common during events of such grandeur and elaboration, there were also some unsavoury incidents during the Jumboo Savari which need to be mentioned.

Lathi charge to control unruly crowds of people, ceiling collapse, traffic jams, smashing of flower pots, fisticuffs and brawls amongst spectators, Police personnel toiling to discipline the flood of humanity and other chaotic scenes are commonly witnessed during the Dasara procession.

Hours before the Jumboo Savari commenced, several thousand people had gathered along the Jumboo Savari route, around the Chamarajendra Circle, K.R. Circle and Banni-mantap, keenly awaiting the arrival of the regal procession and to have a glimpse of their presiding deity Goddess Chamundeshwari. Some had even reserved their places along the road since the previous evening itself, unmindful even of the intermittent rains.

However, as soon as the procession marched out of the Palace, a large number of people stepped on to the road, despite efforts made by the Police personnel to restrain them within the railings in their 'people-friendly' manner. They were left with no other option but to weild their batons, making people run helter-skelter.

In one incident, when a mob charged at the Policemen, a bunch of them were seen hiding their batons behind their backs and backing off from the place.

Roof collapse: Though makeshift pandals supported by avenue trees were erected along the Chamaraja Circle with zinc sheets forming the roofs, some over-zealous persons perched on the roofs, causing the pandals to collapse. Fortunately, none was hurt in the mishap barring a few minor injuries.

Unwelcome showers: A spell of heavy showers at the time of Jumboo Savari also made way to chaos as people began running around to shelter themselves from the rain.

In the melee, several flower pots arranged around the Chamarajendra Circle were damaged.

Traffic jams occurred all over the city during and after the procession as people competed with each other to return home or reach other venues, particularly Bannimantap, where the Torchlight Parade was scheduled to be held later in the evening.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore