Rangayana’s Vanaranga open air stage seems to be soaked up in the softlight every evening since a month as the ever-enthusiastic theatre artistes of the city are continuously engaged in staging of plays to satiate the artsy hunger of Mysoreans.

The Swarna Kadamba Natakotsava, which concluded on Satuday (Feb. 23), has made way for yet another theatre festival, Nirantara Ranga Utsava-2013 by Nirantara Foundation.

Feb. 26: The five-day-long fest will begin on Feb. 26 with an inauguration by folk scholar Prof. H.S. Ramachandregowda at 6 pm. Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board MD K.S. Prabhakara, Kannada & Culture Commissioner K.R. Ramakrishna and Foundation’s Prasad Kundur will be present.

The inaugural play, Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Chirakumara Sabha’ will be staged by Samasti from Bangalore; direction by Manjunath L. Badiger.

Tinged with a mild flavour of humour, the drama is the story of a group of bachelors who form a club and meet regularly. However, they have to leave the club after marriage. One of the members try to arrange the marriage of his two relatives with two members of the club by inviting the club to convene at his house. Their attempts to attract the bachelors towards the girls leads to humourous situations.

Feb.27: Aneka from Bangalore will stage the Bengali play by Manoj Mitra ‘Nandaraja Vinoda Arthath Shaniprabhava’ at 7 pm; translation and direction is by Suresh Anagalli.

The play dwells on the ancient technique of ‘Parakaya Pravesha’ (entering into another body) in a parodical way and also unravels the socio-political dimensions of the society. It depicts the irony of a poor man, who gets a sudden chance to become a king, also turning to be cruel and corrupt like other rulers.

Feb. 28: Sanehalli’s Sri Shivakumara Rangaprayoga Shale will stage Pu.Ti. Na.’s play ‘Ahalye’ at 7 pm; direction by Nataraja Honnavalli.

Conflicts between lust and dharma or righteousness has been a subject of many a book. However, Pu.Ti.Na’s book stands out with its scholarly renditions of Ahalya’s story which starts with her husband Gauthama and Lord Indra. Each character changes his or her path knowingly believing that it is natural and relevant to their life. After Gauthama’s curse to Ahalya, the whole story assumes gloom. The characters dwell upon different types of kama and its necessity for life.

Mar. 1: Ranganirantara will stage N. Richard Nash’s play ‘Maleya Mantrika’ at 7 pm; translation by Dr. K.Y. Narayanaswamy and direction by B.G. Ramakrishna.

This is the story set in the times of Depression in America, translated into Kannada as suitable for a contemporary Kannada society. It has been woven around various strata of individual, family and community with the story of an agriculturist family living in the suburbs. The unwed daughter looks after her father and brothers. As their farm languishes under the devastating drought, a charming confidence trickster arrives and promises to bring rain in exchange for money. His arrival sets off a series of events.

Mar.2: Valedictory at 6 pm. MP R. Dhruvanarayana, Income Tax Addl. Commissioner Jayaram Rayapura, Rangayana Director Dr. B.V. Rajaram and Nirantara’s M.M. Suguna will be present as guests. Creative Theatre from Bangalore will stage M.R. Srinivasa Murthy’s play ‘Sahebra Sarkeetu’; direction by Pramod Shiggaon.

As the name itself suggests, ‘Sahebra Sarkeetu’ revolves around a school teacher who has just been promoted as school inspection officer. The comical events that occur when he goes on his inspection rounds to various schools and other situations lead him to believe that his job is not an easy one. His actions for reforming schools and conditions of teachers makes him quite popular and loved by all while also creating jealousy in local politicians. The conflict between his dreams towards taking education to a higher level and the reality forms the gist of the play.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore