Even as the Mysore Palace interiors are getting a new glow by way of restoration to showcase the Palace for lakhs of tourists and also for the coming Dasara, disturbing voices are heard about the manner in which revenue from the Palace was drained in the past 14 years, before the present incumbent Deputy Director of the Palace Board, T.S. Subrahmanya came to occupy the office about two years ago, following the retirement of his predecessor.

It is alleged that though the Palace rules state that the parking fees at the parking facility for tourists should be auctioned or tendered, it was not done for 14 years. As a result, the Palace Board could get from parking fees a revenue of just Rs. 50 lakh only, for 14-year prior to Subrahmanya took over.

However, when the new Deputy Director took over, the rules were followed and tender called. The result: The Palace Board could get an income of Rs. 67,77,177 in one year. That is, in just one year itself, the Board could generate an additional income of Rs. 17,77,177, as against the 14 years’ total of Rs. 50 lakh. A case of ‘no asker, one taker or many sharers.’

Similarly, the case of audio-kits made compulsory for foreigners who visit the Palace, at a cost of Rs. 200 per kit as rental charge. This kit gives information about the Palace and its artefacts as the tourists move around. It is alleged that the earlier Deputy Director had entered into a unilateral agreement with advantage to the principals, with a Delhi-based Australian company known as Narrowcaster.

It is alleged that out of this Rs. 200, Rs. 100 had not been accounted for at all, incurring losses to the tune of several lakhs of rupees over the years.

The incumbent Deputy Director took action against this company and soon vested interests started making complaints against the new Deputy Director, apparently to intimidate him.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore