Mysore, Apr. 2 (KK,KVV&JP)- "The inherent symbiotic relationship between man and his environment could be understood and fostered in children's summer camp such as this one," said Vijay Ranjan Singh, Executive Director of Mysore Zoo, after inaugurating Summer Camp-2010 for students here this morning.

Speaking to SOM later, Vijay Ranjan Singh said that there has been a sea change in attitudes of parents towards this camp.

"When I started this camp in 2008, I got response from 30 students, in 2009 it was 60 and today it is 90. I have had to turn away many eager participants," Singh stated.

The camp has been organised in three different batches, involving students from 38 Middle Schools, 48 High Schools and 4 College students. Following are the different dates for 3 batches: Apr. 2 to Apr. 8: 37 students; Apr. 20 to Apr. 26: 31 students; May 2 to May 8: 22 students.

The programme has been designed after consultation with various resource persons and feedback from last summer camps. Participants will spend more time in understanding nature and at the end of each session they will be given invaluable inputs from the resource person.

Resource persons include U.N. Ravikumar, K.B. Sadanand, G.S. Ravishankar, P.K. Anil Kumar, S.J. Srinivas, Veterinarians, Snake Shyam and volunteers.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore