The Mysore University security personnel, who staged a stir in front of the office of the University Security Officer located near Fine Arts College at Manasagangotri here yesterday, demanding payment of due salaries of three months to them, continued today.

“We are left to suffer because of the mismanagement of Swiss Security Agency which has been entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the University. We have been employed by Swiss Security Agency for the past five months and as per the agreement, we should have been paid Rs. 5,200 per month online, with the amount directly credited to our accounts,” they alleged.

“But the Agency which paid only Rs. 4,200 for the first two months, has failed to pay wages later on, which has resulted in a lot of hardship for us. Also, the receipts pertaining to ESI and PF payments, have not been given to any of the security personnel. Despite several protests demanding payment of due wages, neither the security agency nor the University has taken any measures to address our problems,” the protesters claimed and demanded immediate payment of pending wages.

The Swiss Security Agency Managing Director Nagaraj, who rushed to the spot yesterday on learning about the stir, appealed the striking security personnel to return for work, but in vain.

As per tender norms, the University had to credit the wages online to the bank account of security personnel. But, the University, after paying the wages through the agency itself for the first two months, later directed the security personnel to compulsorily open individual account in banks.

Accordingly, the security personnel opened their accounts but in different banks, which has resulted in difficulty in disbursing wages online, it is learnt.

Nagaraj, speaking to SOM, said that the Varsity VC Prof. K.S. Rangappa has assured of measures to facilitate all security personnel to open their accounts at the bank in the University campus, besides promising to immediately release the due wages.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore