Waiting for the arrival of UP CM last evening, some of his teachers and batchmates recalled a few amusing anecdotes relating to Akhilesh.

Calling lecturer by nickname

Maths lecturer Prof. Chamaraj recalled, “When Akhilesh was studying Environment Engineering, his batchmates called their Geology lecturer by a nickname Kallappa, of course behind his back, of which the lecturer was aware of and was very touchy about it. In one class, the lecturer asked two students to stand up and asked them a question but as soon as he turned towards the blackboard, one of the students called out ‘Kallappa’ and sat down.

“As the lecturer turned around in anger, he noticed Akhilesh first and accused him of insulting him. Akhilesh, who did not know Kannada, said in Hindi that he did not do it and pleaded innocence. But the lecturer refused to believe him and nursed a grudge against him since then, which resulted in Akhilesh scoring less marks in the practical exams in three semesters,” said Chamaraj.

“Akhilesh was deeply hurt by this. But he never revealed that he was the son of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the then CM of UP,” recalled Prof. Chamaraj and added, “When we came to know of the lecturer’s grudge against him we impressed upon the lecturer that Akhilesh was innocent. Later, he passed the practical exams.”

Jailed for playing holi

Another lecturer recalls: SJCE students were celebrating holi in campus during 1993. A group of north Indian students, in the spirit of the festival, playfully poured coloured water on a girl student. In the students’ group, there was a Sardarji who was close to Akhilesh. The girl, taking exception to water being poured on her, lodged a complaint with Police. The Police arrested all the north Indian boys. But Akhilesh never mentioned that he was the son of a Chief Minister. Their maths lecturer Prof. Chamaraj later got the students released on bail. The reason behind the Police’s prompt action was that the complainant girl was the niece of the then Superintendent of Police Suresh Babu.

One-sided love affair

While in college, it is not uncommon to have a love affair or a crush on someone of the opposite sex and Akhilesh was no exception, recalls one of his old friends. He said that Akhilesh was smitten by a pretty lass and used to go after her, riding his bicycle. He is also said to have sent her several love letters, conveying his admiration for her. But the girl is said to have spurned Akhilesh’s romantic overtures and his love remained a one-sided affair. After completing the course, Akhilesh left Mysore dejected, recalled his friend, adding the girl is presently in the US.

...on a nostalgic trip

After spending some time at SJCE, Akhilesh took his family to his favourite restaurant Indra’s Sweet and Spice on Kalidasa Road, which he used to visit with his friends during his college days.

Speaking to media, Akhilesh said he loved the masala dosa served at the restaurant and wanted his family members to savour the same. They were accorded a warm welcome by the proprietor J. Puneeth Kumar and his wife Jayanthi.

He also recognised the waiters Manju and Kumar, who were thrilled to know that the modest college boy whom they had served years ago had become a CM and they had the good fortune of serving him.

Akhilesh had visited this restaurant five years ago with some Mysore friends when he was a Lok Sabha member and spent some time there.

Preferred veg food

He later visited Kapali House (or Kapali Stores) on Kalidasa Road, where he was staying during his college days in Mysore, paying Rs. 500 a month, for three years. He showed to his wife and children the upstairs room in which he stayed.

The owner of the house Dinesh Kapali recalls Akhilesh was a mild-natured boy and loved vegetarian food. He used to play cricket and liked to go cycling with his friends. I am overwhelmed to see the shy-natured boy become a CM.

The Yadav family then proceeded to the house of Dr. Syed Shakeeb-Ur-Rehman, from where they left by road to Bangalore at around 8 pm.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore