Mysore, Mar. 8 (ACP,MTY& KMC)- A man was burnt to death as his shop was gutted in an accidental fire that broke out in the shop here last night. The victim's body was charred beyond recognition while a passerby sustained serious head injuries. The fire is believed to be caused by a short-circuit in the shop.

Santosh (28) was in the grocery shop located opposite Govardhan Petrol Station in Gayathripuram II Stage.

Eyewitnesses told SOM that they heard a loud blast that blew away the lowered rolling shutters at around 10.10 pm. Nagendra, walking outside the shop, was hit by a blown apart splinter of the shutter, inflicting head injuries. He was immediately rushed to K.R. hospital by some onlookers.

The Fire Brigade teams led by Fire Officer Gurulingaiah managed to bring the fire under control inside the shop and it was only then that the charred body of Santosh was discovered.

Fire brigade personnel initially could not determine the cause of fire. It was assumed later that Santosh had lost consciousness due to suffocation in the shop under fire and later, the thick glass cubicle in the shop had exploded, ripping apart the shutters. ACP V.A. Poojar, Inspectors Shanthamalappa and Jayakumar and other staff conducted preliminary investigations.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore