Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on a grand scale at Amba Vilas Palace every year with special pujas and rituals. The celebrations centre on the Trineshwara Swamy Temple in the Palace premises.

However, the devotees visiing the temple are in for a surprise as the temple’s Kalyani (sacred pond) which had remained closed since 75 years, has been opened this year.

The 11 ft. deep pond was constructed for the use of temple during Vasanthotsava and other rituals and has 7 steps. After the Vasanthotsava at the temple, on the 2nd day, the water of the kalyani is used for theertha snana.

Since the heat in the area passes to the pond’s water and at night, the cool air which affects the stone building of the temple is absorbed by the water, the pond has been constructed to maintain a constant temperature in the surroundings.

The 9th century temple also houses a 150-year old Rudrakshi Mantapa and 75-year-old Girija Kalyana painting near the pond. The mantap is 13ft. in height and 5.6 ft. in width with four pillars.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore