The National Institute of Engineering (NIE), which had organised its annual fest techNIEks-2013, offered a variety of shows to entertain the students as well as the audience for three days. The last day of fest witnessed a variety of events among which the fashion show by NIE students stole the show. The fashion show was divided into 4 themes, namely Free style, Go green, Fairy tale and wedding.

Students presented special designer wear in all the four themes. But the theme which attracted the most was ‘Fairy tale’ in which the students dressed themselves as the seven most charming princesses in the world.

Girls dressed as Barbie, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty mesmerised the audience present at auditorium.

Day 3 of techNIEks was filled with dance competitions organised by the students of other colleges. All the competitions were held for three days in which the participants presented different kinds of dance such as locking and popping, freestyle, beboying, pop, hip-hop, lyrical hip-hop and other forms.

This apart, the organisers had also invited dance groups which performed during the event. Among them, the dance which looked different was the Mirror Dance from Shetty Sisters from Mangalore. Both Advithi Shetty and Ashvithi Sisters are twins and are residents of Mangalore. They have been on various shows on television and have performed in Bahrain and Singapore.

Their speciality is that they are not trained dancers and just learn dancing by watching television and videos. But, whenever there is a need they take help from Cornel, a dance choreographer of DID fame. Shetty Sisters not only perform the Mirror Dance but have also mastered the Belly Dance, Mytho and Bollywood style of dancing.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Advithi Shetty said that they have been dancing since childhood and have learnt dance only by watching television. “We had once participated in a national-level dance competition in which Diana Hayden and Subir Malik were judges.

Though we lost the competition, both the judges advised to learn mirror dance since we are identical twins. From then on we have been doing the mirror dance,” she said.

The Shetty Sisters are currently pursuing final year MBA at Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal. Though they have not planned anything for their future, they are sure to perform at any event.

After the dance show by Shetty sisters, a dance group called the Extremes and Extremists presented different dance formats which involved some eye-catching stunts.

In all, it was a funfilled event at NIE where students got to enjoy along with their friends. Such fests are necessary in college level as they build a strong bond among the students — either juniors or seniors.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore