Mysore, Mar. 8 (SH)- Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji of Suttur Mutt called upon the elderly and those in the evening of their lives, who have been denied affection by their children, to seek solace through meditation and devotion to God.

The Seer said that instead of worrying about children who are insensitive to the pleasures of affection of a parent and which cannot be attained even after spending crores, the elderly would do well to seek spirituality to achieve emotional stability.

He was addressing senior citizens at the inauguration of the cottages and installation function of the statues of Sri Venka-teswara and the 102 Gothra Rishis on Sunday at Sri Vasavi Shantidhama Public Charitable Trust in Alanahalli yesterday.

The Seer said that youth were being blinded by the chimera of the modern world without realizing the values inherent in one's heritage and customs or the values in one's parents, kith and kin. He dwelt at length on the hard-heartedness of children who neglect their parents giving instances of a son who brought up in penury in Mumbai had on being successful, flown to London deserting his aged mother; who could not recognize the son and grandson later when they had returned. He also mentioned the case of an aged mother whose children had admitted her to an old age home, where she breathed her last alone even when the children had been told of her death by phone.

On the other hand, there are also cases of children who had given up comfortable jobs and returned to take care of their elderly parents, said the Seer.

Speaking on the occasion, K.B. Ganapathy, Editor-in-Chief, Star of Mysore, said rather than brood over the fact that they were being neglected in old age, it would do well for the elderly to accept the facts of life and learn to live with courage.

Ganapathy made a forceful plea that instead of bemoaning their fate of nurturing their children and then encouraging them to leave for other shores and then feeling neglected, it would be far more sensible to seek refuge in an old-age home like Shantidhama and face life with courage.

Earlier, Sri. G. Bhimeshwara Joshi, Dharmakarta of Sri Annapurneshwari Temple, Horanadu, made an earnest plea for the inculcation of the culture of taking care of one's parents and said that it was also the duty of children to take care of their parents.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore