Security rooms erected in the Government Guest House premises, despite objections from the public, has marred the aesthetics of the premises of the heritage building at the entrance gate and its surroundings.

One security room is right in front of the small arch gate facing the Mysore-Bangalore road in Nazarbad while another one is at the gate near the Taluk Office. The rooms will be used by the policemen on guard duty.

Most of the VIP guests who visit the city stay in the Government Guest House and the police personnel posted on guard duty had no shelter while manning the two gates.

Following a plea from the Police Commissioner, the PWD granted permission to construct the two security rooms.

However, the contractor, instead of building the security rooms in conformation with the heritage structure, went ahead in the typical PWD civil works style. Even though objections were raised from several quarters over the location and design of the rooms, PWD officials made no effort to either alter the design or to shift the location. Just push it back by another 10 feet, job is done. Can’t the guard, who is supposed to keep watch, do so from that distance?

As a result, the once pleasing sight of the old building and the greenery around it, which welcomed those visiting the city from the Bangalore side, has been obstructed by the ugly security rooms.

Initially, when this newspaper reported about the ugly security rooms being constructed, the work was stopped for a couple of months. However, last week the work was completed in a hurried manner and green coloured roofing sheets fixed.

PWD Assistant Executive Engineer Sameer, when contacted in this regard, refused to give any details about the constructions.

It is indeed surprising that the PWD Assistant Executive Engineer Srinath says that the Department of Heritage had given permission to construct these security rooms at that spot and accordingly it was built. Small wonder these offiers have neither imagination nor the sense of heritage itself, not to speak of appreciating and protecting such heritage buildings. Such officers should be transferred and posted to some other departments.

Elementary common sense says that all it requires to retain the view of the heritage building from the road through the gate is to shift the spot of the security rooms to another location, say about 10 ft away, thus keeping the openings of the arch unobstructed, to have a clear view of the heritage building. That was also the original intention of the architects of the gate a century ago. The very purpose of having that kind of massive entra-nce, with three arch gates, is to provide a clear view of the heritage building from outside the gate.

Heritage Commisisoner P.S. Vastrad says…

When asked about whether the Heritage Department had granted permission for the security rooms, Heritage Commisisoner P.S. Vastrad said that there was no provision for granting permission to erect such structures near the Guest house or near any other building that has heritage value. “I am not aware of this. I have not received any written request for permission, nor have I given any permission. “Since you have brought this matter to my notice now, I will investigate,” he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore