Sangeetha Sambhrama, the 12th anniversary programme of city’s Gurukrupa Sangeetha Kendra, a unit of Madikeri Nagendra Memorial Trust, was held recently at Veene Seshanna Bhavana in city.

The programme was presided over by MLC G. Madhu-sudan. Renowned music Director and Composer B. Gopi was the chief guest. Vid. Indushekhar, famous percussionist, was felicitated on the occasion for his contribution to the field of light music.

As part of the cultural programme, a unique and experimental light music event called “Jeevana Bhaavana”, a collection of 10 songs describing the various stages of life — birth, childhood, importance of a mother, friendship, love, marriage, memories of life, asceticism, death and summary of life, was organised. The charily chosen songs aptly conveyed the right emotions.

The event started with a joyous song, “Hasiru kaddiya seeri” written for the occasion of baby shower, presented by the students of Gurukrupa Sangeetha Kendra, all dressed up in the traditional green sarees. The event ended with “Naadavirada Baduke” conveying the innate summary of life.

Other songs like “Putta putta hejje ittu” conveying the childhood days, “Amma emba maatiginta” explaining the importance of mother, “Snehave baalina saviyoota” on friendship, “Ninna kanna anchinalli” and “Preetiya geleyanigidina maduve”, celebrating love and marriage, “Naavibbaru andu” describing the emotions of a couple relishing their priceless memories, “Ninna charanada dhoolinadiyali” which took the audience to a state of momentary asceticism and “Giliyu panjaradolilla” describing that the life eventually escapes from the cage called body were rendered and preformed just perfectly. All the songs and the emotions were seamlessly stitched together by the narrator Kavya, city’s budding ventriloquist and her talking doll Kishan.

Kishan, as the “sutradhara” of the programme, blended humour and emotions to the right quantities and took the audience through a journey of life stages keeping a self-created character called the “Kathanaayaka” as the anchor to the story. In all, a well-knit programme joining together light music and the art of ventriloquism. The event was directed by Tirumale Shrinivas, renowned music director, percussionist and singer and conceptualised by Gurukrupa Sangeetha Kendra.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore