125th anniversary gift from Arch. Dept.

Mysore, Oct. 11 (KK&BRS)- Do you want to learn about the evolution of human beings? The presentation of the saga from the era of apes to that of modern man tells that in detail.

The Department of Archaeology and Museums has set up its stall in the Dasara Exhibition here to portray the history of human evolution. Seven statues at the stall trace the evolution covering the period from pre-historic days to the era of modern man.

The Department will be celebrating its 125th anniversary and the presentation of the Ape-to-Man progress is a gift from the Department to the public to mark its an-niversary, said Dr. R. Gopal, Director.

The skulls, which represent the seven distinct stages of evolution into modern man, measured in cubic centimeters ranging from 494 CC to 2,000 CC, have been displayed. Each stage represents the seven distinct time zones of the long history. It has been explained scientifically, Dr. Gopal disclosed. The statues have been made with cement and steel by a Bangalore agency and designed by Seshagiri Rao at a cost of ` 5 lakh grant from the Department, he said. The exhibit will benefit primary and secondary school students apart from students of Biology, as a source of scientific knowledge, he said.

Entry to the stall is free and the public as well as tourists have been requested to visit the place.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore