We often hear about farmers committing suicide owing to crop loss, a person committing suicide unable to repay the loans or provide his family the basic needs owing to his financial position. The people who are living in urban areas only hear or read about such things but to know about the real facts one has to experience such characters.

One such attempt was the play enacted by the students of MMK and SDM Women’s College, Krishnamurthypuram, on Day-1 of B.V. Karanth College Yuva Rangothsava.

The play starts with three people attempting to commit suicide unable to bear poverty. The entire play was based on three characters Suvali, Asanu and Roona, who attempt to end their lives by hanging to a tree inside the forest. While one tries to end his life, the other character enters and stops him from doing so. They both discuss the reasons for them taking extreme steps. The play explains the shoddy state of lives in rural areas. The play ends with a message saying there is no solution for the problems being faced by people in rural areas.

Students of SDM-MMK Women’s college did a good job this being their first performance on stage. The play was directed by Kitty Gaonkar, Junior artiste, at Rangayana. Speaking to Star of Mysore, he said it was a good experience to direct the play for college students.

“Sometimes students found it difficult to make time for the rehearsals due to their exams and lab classes. But I am happy with the outcome of the training given to them”, said Kitty.

Day-2 of College Yuva Rangothsava today (Oct. 21) will feature ‘Adwanapura’ at 6.30 pm by JSS Women’s College, Saraswathipuram. The play is directed by Arun Kumar, junior artiste at Rangayana.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore