Rearing an elephant is no easy task especially the pachyderms which have arrived in city for Dasara. Arjuna who is going to carry the golden howdah has to be specially nurtured to carry the extra burden.

The District Administration through the Forest Department will be spending about Rs. 25 lakh spread over 45 days for the 14 elephants brought for Dasara. The first batch will enjoy the royal nutrition treat for 45 days while the second batch for 25 days. The food items are purchased through tender process with transparency.

However, the amount includes expenses on mahouts and kavadis not to exclude miscellaneous expenses on transportation and other paraphernalia with the lion’s share consumed for food for the elephants, according to DCF S.N. Devaraj.

Jumbo diet

Special food will be given to the elephants based on their weight after being de-wormed.

Before taking them out for a morning walk, the elephants are fed a combination of green gram, horse gram, wheat and boiled rice which is cooked and offered in the form of balls.

On their return, the elephants are fed with boiled vegetables blended with butter.

From morning till evening they will be continuously munching greens. In the evening the elephants are fed with paddy straw, jaggery, coconut and onion.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore