Mysore, Sept. 26 (RK&BRS)- "India has been witnessing a some what flat research and development intensity profile in speciality chemical products during the last decade. Processed foods of high quality form an important constituent of this class. A broad potential-opportunity analysis shows rich prospects for higher growth profile in this sector during the coming years," opined Dr. K.V. Raghavan, INAE Distinguished professor and former Director, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.

He was speaking as the chief guest in the CSIR Foundation Day celebration function at Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) this morning on the theme ‘R&D for Indian Speciality Products: Innovation holds the key to future growth.’

Dr. V. Prakash, Director, CFTRI, explained the significance of the event. Dr. A.G. Appu Rao, Head, Department of Protein Chemistry and Technology, CFTRI, introduced the speaker.

CSIR song was rendered by the staff of CFTRI. Dr. G. Venkateshwara Rao, Head, Department of Flour Milling, Baking and Confectionary Technology, wrapped up the proceedings at the conclusion. The chief guest presented the following prizes:

Prizes to the children of CFTRI staff winning in various competitions, cash awards to meritorious students, prize to winners (50) of Hindi competitions; awards for: Best Research paper published by the staff during the year (Dr. Shylaja Dharmesh and Dr. Lalitha R. Gowda); Best Technology Transfer to Industry (Food Engineering Team); Best Contribution to Patents and Processes and Outstanding R&D (Fruit and Vegetable Technology Team); Best Scientific and Technical Contribution in Group-IV (R&D - Dr. S. Yellareddy and Dr. G. Murali Krishna); Best Student Award (Sangeetha Ravi Kumar, Sneha Sehwag and Emmanual Dung Pwasong); Best Scientific and Technical Contribution in Group III (Support Departments- K. Arulalan); Best Technical Support Grade II (S.K. Rangaswamy and Lokesh); Best Technical Support Grade I (Narasimha and Subramani); Best Technical Support Group D (Non Technical - Hanumantha); Best contribution to Administration (Parvathi and Rajappa); Best Contribution for Finance (Mohd. Noushad Basha); Best Contribution Award for Stores and Purchase (C. Ravikumar); Stenography (Karuna Venkatram & Kunhiraman); Special Award for outstanding contribution / achievement (PME & IFTTC / guest house teams).

CFTRI Director presented the awards and mementoes to retirees (19) of the institute during the year and CFTRI employees (3) completing 25 years of service.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore