Mysore, Feb. 8 (SH)- Nearly 150 enthusiasts were put through the paces of simple exercises aimed at physical and mental wellness yesterday morning at Cheluvamba Park opposite Akshavani on KRS Road here.

The event, held under the auspices of Vijay Foundation and Srian Envisions, Mysore was the third weekly session in the series scheduled to be held on Sundays to demonstrate the nearly 30 exercises without the need for any equipment and special requirements except an open space, explained Dr. Anil Sangli, Consultant Neuro-Surgeon, who showed the regimen in company with Sripad, Financial Consultant and Music Therapist and Dr. Rajkumar, Physiotherapist.

The session began just after 7 am with the participants, men and women in all age gro-ups, spread out on the lawns around the raised platform in the park. The exercises proper were explained by Dr. Sangli and Sripad as inclusive of meditation for a brief moment, described by them as mental walking.

Performed with eyes closed and mind focussed on convincing oneself of the capacity of the human mind and body together about the certainty of redeeming oneself from the bodily aches and pains, this session preceded the main session, mainly physical exercise with deep, controlled breathing to the playing of rhythmic music from Keyboard.

Following a brief introduction to each exercise, the actual steps were demonstrated by the lead group with the participants repeating the sequence over nearly 43 minutes under the rising sun with gentle breeze blowing across in serene atmosphere.

Addressing the gathering, Andolana Editor Rajashekara Koti, as the guest of honour on the occasion, lauded the initiative of industrialist B.R. Pai as well as the time and effort spared by Dr. Sangli and Sripad for the benefit of residents of Vani Vilas Mohalla, Yadavagiri and surrounding extensions.

Drawing from his own experience, he said that exercise, apart from regular walking in the morning not only bring us health with longevity but also enable us to attend to our daily chores with efficiency and enthusiasm.

It was announced that a booklet presenting the manner of doing the exercises for wellness in the prescribed rhythm and also a CD would be shortly brought out for the benefit of citizens. Koti announced that he would take the responsibility of printing the booklet and making it available to all free of cost. He pleaded with the senior citizens, after the morning session concluded, to impress upon the younger members of their respective families about the benefits of exercises, including rhythmic walking as demonstrated by Dr. Sangli and his team of specialists.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore