Even as the incident of an honest owner of a dry cleaning shop in city returning the gold jewellery worth nearly a lakh of rupees, which he found in the trouser of a customer recently is still fresh in the minds of people, another incident of a maid servant from city, who is working at Raghavendraswamy Mutt in Jayalakshmipuram, returning a gold chain belonging to the temple which she found while cleaning the temple premises on Mar. 8, the International Women’s Day, has been reported.

The honest maid servant has been identified as Sharadamma, a resident of Vijayanagar, who ekes her livelihood by working as maid in many houses including the Raghavendraswamy Mutt for many years.

It is reported that Sharadamma, who was on her routine duty of cleaning the premises of the Mutt, found a 10 gram gold chain while cleaning the premises.

The honest maid immediately handed over the chain to the Secretary of the Mutt Gopinath explaining how she got it.

It is learnt that the priests of the Mutt had by mistake removed the chain from around the Lord’s neck while removing flowers used for decorating the idol of Raghavendraswamy on the previous day.

Sharadamma, who resumed her normal duty of cleaning the premises, found the chain in the garbage of flowers and returned the same to the Secretary of the Mutt despite not knowing that it belonged to the Lord.

Interestingly, when the Secretary asked Sharadamma why she did not keep the chain for herself as she was in poverty, Sharadamma reportedly replied that she was returning the chain as she did not aspire for jewellery which belonged to others, said Gopinath while speaking to SoM and added that the Mutt has organised a function to felicitate Sharadamma.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore